Impicciatore Engineering - Why steel constructions

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Why steel

It is an Anti-seismic material 

Thanks to its mechanical and service properties, steel is a safe bulding material. Steel construction which is lightweight and flexible, is the perfect anti-seismic constructions counting on its resistance to earhquake tremors.

Steel is also able to withstand traction, compression, transversal, and longitudinal stress. These properties make steel perfect not only for designing new costructions but also for renovating and making seismic improvements for reinforcing concrete and masonry buildings.

This material has an excellent quality- price ratio

Utilizing steel can reduce construction time and save money. The production and testing of the constructions modular components, both civil and industrial, take place in the factory while the assembly occurs on the spot, saving time and money. This ease of assembly offers the client turnkey structures in a shorter time frame.

The lightness of  steel structures allows for foundations which are less deep and complex. Savings are also realized with maintenance works and components substitution.

It is an adaptable material

Steel is a flexible material which meets design needs and allows architectural modifications, renovations and enlargments work without notable structural changes.

Thanks to this material, the designer has increased creative expression. Architectural modules and outlines are not bulky which allows utilization of the entire space available. This feature enhances aesthetics and design.

Steel adapts to different architectural procedures because it coexists with others materials such as wood, glass and aluminium.


It is an unassailable material

A steel structure is able to endure corrosion for years. Specific processes as galvanizing and painting, protect steel from water and oxygen, mantaining its original properties.

Steel structures processings are studied, well-defined and realized according to the client needs and the construction type.

Thanks to this it is possible to have high resistant steel constructions.